What is Managed Cloud as a Service MCaaS?

MCaaS is a new cloud service model where the managed service provider (MSP) provides end-to-end management of the technology service - from implementation, delivery, administration and support.‚Äč

Why Managed Cloud as a Service?

Business is moving to the cloud faster than ever before, the transformation from hosted to Cloud computing is here. If your business is managing legacy IT systems and servers either in-house or out-source you are taking more money out of your business that could be better spent elsewhere.

Top 5 reasons why Managed Cloud as a Service for your business

1. Cost Management - Unlike on-premise/hosted infrastructure (CapEx). Managed Cloud services are monthly payments for what is used (OpEx).
2. Scaling & Performance - Cloud computing offers seamless scalability based on usage patterns. Scale UP or down.
3. Vendor Agnostic - No long term contracts or costly licences. Multiple Cloud vendors provide choice.
4. Reduce IT spend - No need for in-house IT staff or expensive consultants. MCaaS support staff are generally engineers.
5. Better Security - Cloud vendors are activity monitoring and taking action on security events 24/7.

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